What did we do in the opiate epidemic?

May 02, 2017
Those who daily respond to the opiate epidemic talk about “opiate fatigue.” The crisis arrived so quickly. In 2011, the state reported zero deaths from fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. Four years later, the toll climbed to nearly 1,...

ADM Addiction Help Line Connects People with Treatment

Mar 07, 2017
ADM Addiction Helpline 330-940-1133 How Does It Work? Callers will be asked a few questions to assist the Help Line staff in determining which local treatment providers could meet their needs. They will be provided with information about...

Quick Response Teams Active in Summit County

Jan 24, 2017
Several communities participated in the Quick Response Team (QRT) training offered to teach first responders and counselors about a program from Colerain Township. The QRT consists of a medic, law enforcement officer and a counselor that...

Summit County saw at least 225 deaths by drug overdose in 2016, meaning more ODs than ever before

Jan 05, 2017
By Nick Glunt Beacon Journal staff writer Summit County saw a record number of fatal overdoses in 2016, according to estimates by the Medical Examiner’s Office. That means there was at least an 11.3 percent increase over 2015, which...

When Naloxone Isn’t Enough: Could Chest Compressions Save More Lives?

Dec 28, 2016
by Blair Bigham, MD, MSC, ACPF On Dec 16, 2016   Most doctors have never heard of carfentanil, a lethal narcotic that has killed more than 75 people in Akron, OH, since July. That’s because it’s not a human medicine. The opiate, used by...

Addiction starts young but reaches peak in addicts’ mid-20s and early 30s, experts say

Nov 07, 2016
By Nick Glunt Beacon Journal staff writer Joe Valenti describes his bout with drug addiction as switching seats on the Titanic. “No matter what seat you take,” he said, “you’re still on a sinking ship.” But Valenti, 32, eventually took a...